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Queball - Back from the dead

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Hey all, it comes with no surprise to some of you that I up and vanished at least two months ago, shortly after leaving Naval Guard. Truth is, I was so burnt out, not from issues of being *in* naval guard, but leading it after it's struggles for a short time left me, frankly, too tired to get back into the game. 

I'd firstly like to apologise to those in ST that I left without a Major, regardless of whether or not I had a commanding presence in the regiment, I always felt somewhat intrusive on the fine group you already made yourselves to be, and I have nothing but respect for each of you for doing that, and allowing me to become a part of the regiment for the time I was there.

Furthermore, in regards to me being on IG in general, I do look forward to making a return, as I did before joining Naval Guard eight-ish months ago, fresh and ready to enjoy what the community has to offer once again. 

In short, i'm sorry for vanishing, and don't expect everyone to forget that I vanished, but hope I can move on after ditching :) 

Queball/Megatron 2.0

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