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MHC Secretary Applications [CLOSED]

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After a long delay, Military High Command finally have made their decision, and an unexpected one at that...

It was a very close battle between the four finalists but ultimately only two could make it in.

Military High Command's new Secretaries are @yahell1 and @Megumin ⎲!


But wait, there's more!


No finalist could be left out, they are all perfect. All of them were ticking all of the boxes and there was no conceivable way of denying any one of them a position in Military High Command.

Military High Command can only have a maximum of three Secretaries, as shown by the number of Secretary offices that were built in the recent renovation of the headquarters. This renovation also brought along something never before seen in this section of the military - a receptionist's desk, specifically labelled "General's Receptionist". There was no way I could leave that desk to waste, it is too beautiful (thanks @ANiX;)). Once I processed all applications and saw the marvellous results, I devised that to fully take advantage of all of this talent, I needed to create a Receptionist role. These Receptionists will directly serve the Generals and manage bookings for them, they will also be with them at all times as their right-hand woman. So, without any further ado...

Military High Command's new Receptionists are @draKe and @[IG] Mainz!

As of writing this however, both recipients of the Receptionist position will not be inducted into Military High Command just yet due to the Receptionist role having not yet been coded in. They will continue their regular duties for the time being.


Congratulations to all of the four finalists, you made my life very hard for too much time. It was a real, unexpected pleasure to have applicants come forward with such passion, dedication and ambitions, and I'm not just talking to the finalists here. Thank you all so much for taking your time to apply for this role, and a special thank you to @Fox who helped me select and interview applicants - in total there were 13 applicants!

If you have any questions about Secretary applications, past and future, do not be afraid to approach me. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future.

- MHC Secretary AI Chef Jr. - replacement leading Secretary and Secretarial Control - 

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9 hours ago, Stevo. said:

I could have helped if you asked.... Actually scratch that, I was probs in 200+ meetings.


Looking forward to calling these new plebs plebs. Oh geez, I already started doing it. In all seriousness though, good luck to the newbies.

At least me and Mainz can help you :)


But yeah, thank you for taking your time to go over these applications, I hope I wasn't much of a hassle ;)

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