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Chef's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

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In game name -

MHC Secretary AI Chef Jr. [EXEC]

Steam ID/link -



Play Time -

6 weeks, 1 day, 16h as of writing this (as well as an additional 2 weeks before the server time reset back a long time ago - total of approximately 8 weeks)


1. What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? (Include Pictures of your best PAC)





I have the ability to toggle three projections, as I have decided to utilise the visor of the Sith Marauder model as a unique projector. My main projector mode, which is showing the face, has been angled to accommodate the visor's shape, which creates a striking, obviously differentiating feature. I can also switch off all of these projections like a droid would be able to.


I have adapted Arkas' hands-behind-back PAC to allow me to serve beverages to people. I have created complex, realistic models for each beverage type. Using Arkas' PAC as a base allows me to smoothly transition between serving beverages and having my hands behind my back. I can also have no beverages on the platter as well. I have also adapted Arkas' PAC to allow me to give people datapads.


These PACs are "animated", which mean that the fingers move in a way that it looks like I am typing. This is unique as I have seen no other Tier 1 PAC which has rudimentary animation such as this. I have adapted Tex's techniques to allow this to happen. I can also simply hold up the datapad and can toggle the typing animation.


This is my health warning PAC. Above 30% health, my battery is green and no warnings are shown, but below 30%, the battery turns red and an exclamation point slides in and out the slit in the armour, creating the illusion of a screen being there. I have utilised the slimeball animation to show this animation. I have not seen many other PACs utilise a warning system such as this.


(CURRENTLY BROKEN)  This is my deactivation and death PAC. I am able to shutdown like a droid should be able to. Most bones above my pelvis are jiggled, selling the appearance that am I truly deactivated.

2. How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? (Provide Examples)

I have improved the roleplay of other members by accommodating my character to suit my character's progressive lore and by simply being a droid. A droid can be easily manipulated, such as being shutdown and having a memory wipe, all things which have happened in the past. A droid also has many benefits or differences, such as being able to show identification differently, have an in-built warning system and to be programmed to do certain things, such as partake in the roles of a MHC Secretary. When I was mounted on a mouse droid, I was also able to roleplay as two different roles, a mouse droid and a Secretary. I could go about the ship and be treated as a mere mouse droid and when my Secretary model would present itself, people would change the way they would act with me.

Serving beverages during a Commanders' Meeting has spiced up the monotonous tone that usually is present in most meetings. Actually typing on an animated datapad or holoband  and signing a datapad that is actually held out in front of you creates a definite immersion into a universe where actions are otherwise done via /me's and /it's. 

I have also managed to improve the roleplay of others by simply being different. An organic, human Secretary is good and all, but a droid is obviously different. You talk down on a droid, you question a droid's programming, you are impressed on how many features this droid has. To be fair, a human Secretary can serve drinks and type on a datapad as well, but there are some things that I have made as part of having PAC Tier 1 that differentiate me from most other human Secretaries.

3. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? (Personal Experience)

I have improved so much since I have gotten PAC. I only barely managed to add datapads and a working holster to my human character when I first got it, but now I am able to do many, complex things with events and models. I believe I am quite adept in certain aspects of PAC3, especially with precise modelling and bone manipulation as well as being able to take advantage of my large creativity.



For a notable amount of time, the Secretary hologram on a mouse droid was the peak of my ability in PAC. It is difficult finding ways to improve upon it due to the nature of the PAC I had created.


When I became a physical being, a droid, I was able to do so much more. I could actually handle real things and have room to do so much more experimentation and learn, adapt and be inspired more from other community members.

Furthermore, I have been able to further my character's lore with PAC3. Being able to change from being human to droid has allowed my character's story to go down a different path that I would not have been able to without PAC3. I am excited to see what I could do with Tier 2 if I were to get it.

Thank you @Tex and @Arkas for providing me with base PACs that I have worked off and adapted to make my own, original PACs, as well as add on to my current PAC to create more function, such as my wires and battery indicator.

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1. Great cook (we all knew that)

2. Amazing pacs I wish I could be but i'm dumb and don't have pac 

3. funny guy,treats others fairly 

4. plus the ship would fail without you 

5. can be trusted to do things (corrected to ofc test in 1 hour) 



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I have no words on how amazing your 
pac's are, like how tf?!?!


But I cant say -1 on this because you are probs the best PAC3 user I've ever seen (discluding Fox and Tex)

But I seriously look up to you as a PAC user!

Big ol +1 from me



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Much like people such as Pureus, you never seem to break character, even when I'm having banter with you in the team speak. You are a serious roleplayer, and on that you do some of the best role play on this server. Chef is a very trustworthy individual who could use PAC-3 to its limits, in my honest opinion. 

Thanks and good luck, 


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