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Saint Introduction

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Hello there my friends, *tips fedora and adjusts it well*. Around this area they call me Saint *lets out a slight chuckle, the smirk on his face growing wider* But you can call me, Sir Saint *he winks while looking deeply into your eyes, his own being shrouded in mystery* How are you doing this...*he looks up into the dark sky, the stars reflecting in his eyes* very fine night? *He adjusts his head to look towards the ground, but his gorgeous eyes captivate you still.* Oh me? *He chuckles once again, taking a slight glance at his gold pocket watch, engraved with his Waifu* I'm doing quite well. Even better now that I've seen you. *after listening to you talk he looks saddened* Oh? He broke up with you did he? Well it's his mistake isn't it, why would someone even leave such a fine wonder such as yourself, all alone. *He checks his long-coat and smiles* I think I have something to help you with that problem, something almost as beautiful as you *He pulls out a beautiful Red Rose and accidentally pricks himself in the thumb with a thorn* Ouch! *He lets another small chuckle out* My mistake *He looks a bit surprised at what you said but is still happy* Oh, you want me to come in? Of course I would, maybe we could bandage this fallen soldier. *He puts his brand new Gundam in his bag and follows you upstairs* 


ye ill probs start playing again

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5 minutes ago, cast said:


haven't seen you around for awhile, welcome back.

if you do start playing again be wary of changes

Fill me in lad, I gotta know deets so i don't make a fool of myself

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*Tips Cowboy Hat while looking down* How you doing lad, I haven’t seen you for awhile I nearly thought you were New in town *Looks up at Person* they call me Wombatiacus and I help people. If you have any problems I can try my best to solve them. Caboose is our Sheriff and I’m a Officer. I’ll see you around *Turns around and walks away*.

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