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Ban Appeal Aiden

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In-game alias: Aiden

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41519256

When was the ban: 3/12/2017

How long is the ban: Permanent 

Which admin banned you: Thrawn

Explain the situation: 

I saw a group of storm troopers strolling/walking around the ship. So I just decided to follow them around. After a while we were stopped by Thrawn and he's friends. They decided to arrest us, so I decided to run from the Shock trooper trying to arrest me, and to avoid the arrest I tried to shoot him (kill him) but I failed and got caught (something I probably shouldn't of done). We were then escorted to the prison, and when we arrived I got quite salty on how the Shock trooper arrested me whereas I was hoping for him to kill me/fight me. So I insulted him (called him names). This resulted into a warning (disrespect) as Thrawn was standing right next to the trooper I just insulted. Out of frustration due to the warning, I disrespected/insulted Thrawn. This led to a permanent ban.

Why you deserve a second chance:

I believe I deserve a second chance as the actions that I showed was due to the heat of the moment. However, this obviously does not fully excuse my actions/words done/said to the players and for this I deeply apologise to Thrawn and the Shock Trooper who I insulted. I know I have previous warnings on the server such as RDM and D.C to avoid arrests. These instances/offences were due to my immature behaviour as I had when I joined the server the first time. I know what I did was unacceptable and inappropriate, and the punishment received was just and right, but if possible, I would like to be given a 2nd chance in proving that I am a player that possesses great RP and behavioural qualities. Thanks.

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Hmmmm... There must be more to this as I know that Kosmos is not the type of person to ban you because of player disrespect on its own. There has to be more.

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Well, what I mainly remembered was insulting Thrawn, which I believed was the main reason I was punished. I was part of a group of storm troopers, so it is possible that I got banned for minging as well due to being annoying and apart of that’s group.

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