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Demonic's Trial Event Master Application

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Steam Name: /Demonic\   Age: 14   Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? Yes, I own a RODE NTG-2 Directional Condenser Microphone. And I use it a

Thanks Tackxo!

1 hour ago, Hunter said:

-1 I have honestly never seen you



I've seen you a bunch around the ship, do you remember the name 'Jigsaw'? Or 'Veles'?

I've talked to you quite a few times also.

You may have had less encounters with me with my current role on the ship being tied to Military High Command, of which, not many stick around too, what with all the no loitering rules.

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4 minutes ago, Seven said:

Sorry but -1

Always see you walking around the ship minging, screaming into your mic and making weird noises. 

Apologies for the image you see me as, I'll try my hardest to cease any 'weird noises'


Thank you for your comment

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On 12/8/2017 at 9:01 AM, draKe said:



Now known as Demonic


Set to an ST PVT


Playtime is now 3w 7h


Will update once I get home from last day of school (holidays start tomorrow)


Congrats Edwards on Head EM ‹3

Turning back to this

Playtime is now 3w | 3d | 14hr

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