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  • 4 weeks later...

"Why are there 2 ST commanders" ~ Every new player

"Now, you see, the reason WHY we didn't go insane from touching the Sith artefact, is because its the equivalent to a minor brain freeze in comparison to training ST's...or Widow squad is just force sensitive...But it's probably the first theory..." ~ Hornet explaining to Kaat why we're fine from touching the Sith artefacts


More quotes can be found in my signature

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@Excalibur "Ah you probably didn't recognise because of the Red arm!"

@ShaBANG "Can't wait to finish this so I can be alone for longer."

@Caboose"Ahh Obi Wan never told you... I am your Cadaddy."

@Demonic/ @draKe "You're the sort of friend I like leaving, bye"

@FrenchyFries" if you think about beds are like worm chokes taking your minds on dreaming journey."

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I can’t believe people have failed to mention one of the most classic, most used, more legendary quotes that will ever exist on this server; “I’ll beat up ya nan!” - Stevo.


I am disappointed in all of you.



”Now that’s a space Mexican proof fence” - Me

”They could be Jewish space Mexicans...” - CPL Three

”My butt tastes like arse” - Some random ST

And finally

”Hey Stevo., can I have permission to leave the ST’s?” - A random ST on my first day as a general.

Edited by Stevo.
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