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Quote Game!


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Thank you @pinejack for the inspiration.


So basiclly, post your favorite quotes from either yourself or others. No swearing, you may censor the words, but do not turn this into a thread based around dropping f-bombs on poor sts.



Here are some of my favorite training quotes:


"The next time you stuff up, I won't just tear off your leg, I'll shove it down your throat so I don't have to hear an excuse!"


"Do you like the look of my armour, or are you stupid enough to stare me in the eyes for more than 5 seconds, move along!"


"This is brigadier cool kid, see the one with the PAC? you want my advice? DON'T PISS HIM OFF!"




"If I see your twingy ass come in these bunks ever again, I will rip it off and staple it to the door as a message to the next genius with the same mental capacity as you!"


"The only thing that separates my fist from your face is the witnesses watching your failure right now!"


Thanks all



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I have some words of wisdom

"Look at the snowtroopers more serous than us"-Gards Remnant Master Sgt

"OH CRAP I MISS CLICKED" Rooster 212th Warrant Officer-KIA

"beep boop" R4-8 MHC droid-the words Before I took a stun baton to the knee

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" ST PVT Nope last words before perma ban

"wow that's a lot of sand" ENG-Stryker-whilst cleaning Shore bunks

i'm SHORE this will be good





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7 minutes ago, Maffa146 said:

@Lincoln @Rhom @Twinkie @Pablo

"Oi, stop mate or I'll put you in the fu**ing ground!"

The current meme circulating ISB, and a quality one at that!


These are my favorites by far:

1 hour ago, goliath said:

If your spouting bullshit like that your ass must look like the Japanese flag.


1 hour ago, draKe said:

"training you recruits is like making passionate love to a pile of sawdust"


1 hour ago, pinejack said:

*sneezes and force repulses* "Sorry, your bullshit gave me the sniffles" - pinejack whenever he walks past someone on a ledge that he 'doesn't' like ;) 


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2 minutes ago, Lincoln said:

The current meme circulating ISB, and a quality one at that!


These are my favorites by far:




Thanks man, I'll see you on the campaign btw, and we can talk about s t u f f



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"The big ship with the wings." - @Little5avage describing a Lambda Shuttle

"I can't let them know I'm not a woman!" - myself on @ShaBANG's mock-umentary

"#chefexposed" - literally anybody who has watched the mock-umentary

It's a /me but it still counts: "ISB Acting Operative Galen: slips credit card between ass cheeks"

"Ooh that's a hot lady" *I rewear my PAC* "Ooh that's not a hot lady." - some ST Private checking me out



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Guest Excalibur

"Fizzy, if you start screaming into your mic, I'm going to call your mum" - Wolf to Fizzy during a meeting, 2k17

"I have her on speed-dial" - Robinson in response, 2k17

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"So... Puppy... We heard you were spying on ISB" - ISB official while I'm crapping my pants

"OI YOU S*** GET BACK HERE" - Plasma chasing a Mando who is on low health

"We BLOW SHIT UP!" - Commander Gold of the 31st Demolition Battalion during tryouts

"You know what, I'm done" - ST who DCs to avoid arrest

"Good job mandos" - General Little at MHC CMDR DB before Event

"Now how do I work this thing..." - Emerald as he picks up a grenade and pulls the pin

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