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Greetings members of Imperial Gaming. I thought that I should come along and make an up to date thread with all of @Little5avage's glorious quotes that we all know and love. I will try my best to add dates to them but I cannot guarantee this.

  • "This will make a fine collection to my saber." - Darth Vader receiving two lightsabers from some dead Jedi that were killed earlier that day. (30/11/17)
  • "Everyone be quiet, you are hurting my noise!" - General Little yelling at the troopers on a mission where no one would shut up as they were trying to give out orders. (??/??/??)
  • "Prophets, you do whatever prophets do." - Darth Vader during a Sith Meeting when allocating jobs out to the various Sith regiments. (30/11/17)
  • "Bhwa, my English is failing me." - Little after having one of his verbal shit posts. (??/??/??)
  • "You are no longer the dick sucker Edwards, you get your dick sucked" - Little when Edwards was promoted to Senior Event Master (??/??/??)
  • "Tom, you take him. I know you can intergaregate him" - Darth Vader telling Tom to take a Jedi Padawan away for torture. (02/12/17)
  • "Can someone who is less retarded pick this thing up for me?" - Little asking someone to center a cuff pin on the floor in front of him. (02/12/17)


P.S. I will update this with more quotes as I remember them. If there are any that I have missed, feel free to PM me on the forums with them and I will add them here. Please do not comment on this post as it will quickly cause into a memey clusterfuck and will most likely result in the thread getting hidden and/or deleted.

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Uhhhhhh... umm.. Yes! Yes I know..  I'm sick right now okay!!! - Little when he went brain dead and I pmed him telling him he was brain dead.


"Fox! Fox, fox, fox,fox,fox,fox,forGOT FOX FOX FOX FOX FOX JUST SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO SPEAK!!" - Little interrupting me. Usually happens.

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