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Stryker's Pac3 Tier 2 Application

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In game name - Foreman Stryker [AWD]    -Engineer's Commander-


Steam ID/link - STEAM_0:1:40777706


Play Time - 540+ Hours (3 Weeks 3 days and 1 hour)



1. What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? (Include Pictures of your best PAC)
I have created a many things with my PAC3 but usually If i think there abit over the top I scrap the idea and think about how I can optimize it for a later date.
Here are some examples of the PAC's that I have made.


Hands Behind back PAC aswell as the ISB Combat armour.

Now this is the Engineer Combat Armour / Pressurized suit

And Here is my basic engineer PAC for a datapad on a key command when I'm sitting aswell as the booster PAC that Martibo made and I adjusted the positioning and put an actual jetpack this can also be seen on the combat armour but its intergrated into the backpack.

The arm is like that cause the model.

2. How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? (Provide Examples)
Pac3 is an amazing tool that has allowed many users to experience a new perspective of Immersive roleplay from replacing limbs and adding cosmetic items to there appearance. When I got PAC I said to myself "Nothing over the top" and that is how I have kept it, From my -Hands Behind Back- Pac to the ISB combat armour I made, I had one intention to subtly improve RP for certain situations and not go overboard. Recently as I was appointed the "Commander" of engineers I made myself -Combat armour/Pressurized suit- which I actually took the time to "roleplay" out how I acquired the equipment to make it and overall I just want to make sure I stick to the simplistic things of PAC that appease all parties.


3. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? (Personal Experience)
Pac3 allows players to express there characters lore and backstory to a whole other level of authenticity and Personally I'm all about starwars Lore and roleplay so I have found this to be an amazing addition to the server. It allows the creative minds to really show off there potential and love for roleplay. Sure there has been some situations where PAC has gone abit overboard but overall its been a pretty good addition to the server.

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Your pacs arent too complex and arent that simple however, they are still awesome and if you get tier 2 i believe you can create awesome pacs which look good and help others in rp or create rp.

+1 big one from me, i have met stryker before and he is a lad, well deserving of moderator and i believe he is trustworthy; in turn he will suit tier 2 perfectly.

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