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I've compiled my thoughts on the problems facing IG into a few categories. I know these will likely be pretty controversial, and many I've already stated in some form or another, so I have 0 expectations of anything being acted on, but I feel like they need to be said. This time, I've tried to include not only problems, but possible solutions as well. Unfortunately, a lot of them are based heavily on the sheer size and popularity of the server, and therefore are difficult (bordering on impossible) to completely remove. Especially as very few people care about sticking to lore to the extent I do. These are all the major reasons that I previously left Imperial Gaming, and are the reasons that I generally nowadays simply log-off the moment I realise an event is on or about to start, and try not to leave ISB HQ unless I really have to.



Star Wars stories have always been about a grand adventure - a story that has progression, consequences and a real sense of investment: You care about the characters, about the challenges they face and the world that they interact in. However, for a server that calls itself ‘serious rp’, there is no actual worldbuilding, progression or overall plot. Even basic information that could help immerse a player such as what their Star Destroyer is called, what area of the galaxy we live in and who our enemies actually are aren’t really well established. I feel that by answering these basic questions and adopting a more ‘storytelling’ approach, we could help immerse and invest everyone in the server to a greater degree.

I feel that currently, there is a very ‘static’ approach to RP on the server. After an event, everything goes back to normal and very rarely does one event actually lead into the next. The same (popular, well-known) planets are used again and again, but because they’re so well established in the lore nothing’s really able to change. I feel that this lack of worldbuilding and consequences breeds apathy, not only in events but in passive RP as well. I realize that a part of this is the sheer size of the server - when you’ve got 128 people running around, it’s almost impossible to make anything really character-driven, unless a chosen few people get the spotlight over and over again, but I feel that the area of space we live in, the planets we fight on, and the people on those planets (especially those who oppose us) are ripe for developing.

I feel that establishing these things - the sector we live in, the Imperial fleet in that sector, and the worlds and people that live in it, could really bring the roleplay of the server to life - and give the EM’s a more fulfilling role, as they can really help to craft the story of the server.



On the server, you have the Emperor, Darth Vader, the Prophets of the Dark Side (who, rather than being the reclusive oracles they are in lore, are somehow lightsaber duellists), Sith Marauders (who only existed in the Old Republic), Inquisitors (all of whom died out approximately 2 years before the time the server takes place in), and three regiments of Royal Guards (SG, RG, RST) - it has reached the point where the Sith Temple now consists of an area that is literally old MHC and old ISB combined. On a single Star Destroyer.

Even on a Harrower-Class Dreadnought from the TOR era, that would be an extremely high midichlorian count. It’s honestly pushing the suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. This is meant to be in the Imperial era, no? At 0bby, the time Rogue One took place, the Sith Marauders were long extinct, the Inquisitors had recently been wiped out, the Prophets of the Dark Side were operating very much in secret, and the Emperor’s force abilities were one of the most closely guarded secrets in the entire Empire. Even Tarkin thought that Vader was the last vestige of the force-users.

It’s downright jarring to see more Sith than Navy members on an Imperial-era warship. This needs to be trimmed back.



The roles on this ship are starting to become seriously top-heavy, with a chain of command that is honestly a tangled mess at the top that I daren’t even try to make head nor tail of. Aboard the one ship, you have the Emperor, Vader, the Grand Inquisitor, a Grand Moff, two Grand Admirals (each of which would have their own fleet), a Rear Admiral (would have also had his own fleet), multiple Generals (remember, Veers was the highest ranking Army member aboard the Executor during Hoth, and he was a mere Major General), and so many special-forces regiments that no-one can even really tell who gets what kind of mission anymore.

Honestly, it’s a fucking mess, and the confusion involved has caused friction, power struggles and people shouting over each other in what is just meant to be a fun role-playing game. I mean, c’mon. Seriously.

We need to make sure that there is a very clear chain of command that is easily accessed, and that people can ask for clarification on without fear of getting into trouble. We need set rules on which regiments fall under the command of which power roles, the exact seniority of those roles, and rules for how the different departments interact with each other (IE: can a high-up from MHC override orders from a lower Navy person in Navy matters, and so on). Sometimes, I feel like this server priorities egos instead of verisimilitude

If, in order for the Chain of Command to make sense, some power roles have to be cut, then so be it. One ship doesn’t need three admirals, three generals and three Darths all living aboard it.

NOTE: I know plans are underway to move the server to the Death Star. That won’t fix the problem, as it’ll eliminate any real chance of Plot being addressed.



Imperial Commandos, Storm Commandos, SCAR, Terror Troopers, Shadow Troopers, Talon Squad, Inferno Squad, Death Troopers, Rancor Battalion. There are a very high number of ‘elite’ groups on the server, many of whom share the same overall mission profile (SC, SCAR, TT and Shadow are all ‘recon’ units, for example) and therefore have to compete with each other for relevancy, especially when events usually have a very limited amount of available roles. These Regiments are also quite large, often only a couple of slots smaller than the attack regiments. Whilst it is true that the Server has a very high member count, there are too many special forces troopers and not enough for them to do.

This has reached the point where Specialist Regiments really struggle to be relevant, and are often treated as Attack Regiments with better gear in events. This is bad for all involved: the Attack Regiments find their jobs taken by Specialists who have nothing else to do, and the Specialists don’t get to do the kind of stuff they signed up for. To quote Syndrome from The Incredibles: "When everyone is super, no-one is."

There are two major ways to fix this problem: Either increase the amount of ‘special ops’ jobs available in events and passive RP (which means more work for EM’s) or to decrease the number of specialist troopers (which means removing Regiments entirely, or downsizing the slots in each one). On so large a server, either of these is a gargantuan task.



Currently, due to the sheer size of the Imperial force, events can only be a challenge by creating massive amounts of NPC’s (which produces heavy lag), or buffing event characters to the point where any combat against one involves grinding through thousands of HP, whilst the EC’s use their massive pools of HP, Jetpacks or superior weapons to simply mow through the Imperial troopers, until eventually enough Stormtroopers are piled on the EC that it more-or-less drowns in ST blood. This is not fun.

A part of this is due to the lack of event characters that step up for events. The most obvious solution is to try and somewhat even up the numbers of event characters to Imperial characters. Which, due to a lack of chain-of-command, places extra strain on the EM’s.

What is needed, therefore, is a way to entice players into volunteering to be Event Characters, and being organized enough to pay attention and actually do well in the event. Currently, there is absolutely 0 incentive to play as an event character - in fact, it can damage your Regiment’s rankings as your Reg has less people to try and get a placing in events, and if your whole Reg goes EC, you’re guaranteed to NOT get any recognition.

A possible solution is to find ways to encourage entire Regiments to volunteer their services during events - that way, EM’s have a cohesive unit that has a built-in chain of command and knows how to fight together at their disposal. Get a few Regiments, and you can give the ‘good guys’ a decent fight without having to resort to 8,000 health.

Incentives could include “Event Regiment” placings similar to how Regiment Placings normally take place during events, and EC participation to be taken into account when considered for promotion, elite status and perks such as weapons and better bunks. This would be RP’d as the “Event Regiments” actually being present in another front on the battle, and doing well enough to earn recognition.

Of course, an issue with this is Sith regiments. The Jedi are supposed to be all but extinct, so having Sith regiments play as Jedi in every event is completely jarring - and Sith without Jedi to fight almost inevitably will mow EC’s down in large numbers, or if told not to engage get bored and minge, making the experience poor for both parties. I don’t have an answer to the Sith question.

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55 minutes ago, Moff Wibbles said:

Sith Marauders (who only existed in the Old Republic)


55 minutes ago, Moff Wibbles said:

the Sith Marauders were long extinct

Please understand that the Sith Marauders are custom lore and do not follow the wiki

Do also note that the addition of marauders was a long and grueling process to prove that we were a regiment to be added not simply because of the fact that we wanted access to light sabers. Here was the document in which custom lore we follow (This was the document used in the ticket for additional knowledge)


I also agree with the millions of higher ups aboard the one vessel, while it doesn't make sense that would be rather hard to fix. as most of the people have genuinely earned their ranking.

While the prophets were displayed as only dueling (due to Poseidon), I believe the current Supreme Prophet will be working to change that look. Up to him to confirm if he wants to

I am glad you are bringing up these issues (All of them) Hopefully action is taken or counter arguments are given. It's good to get people talking and considering issues

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I agree with @Moff Wibbles. Specialist regiments are just attack regiments. There are too many unnecessary regiments. Both from the imperial army and also sith. It makes for a lot more fun on the server but takes away from Lore. Sadly I don't think this will be changed due to it needing a complete regimental reconstruction. And the amount of sith regiments on the server is ridiculous. There is a total of 33 sith positions in the ship: 8 inquisitors, 6 rg & sg, 5 prophets, 5 marauders, 2 darths and 1 Sith Lord.

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@Moff Wibbles

The first point you make is a relevent one, for the Event Masters. I am needing problems that have to do with MHC making new rules, enforcing those rule, tweaking and adjusting certain things in the attempt to make the server a better place. Its almost entirely up to the Event master on how the event goes. Sure, MHC can pitch in their ideas, but normally the event will not fall into place properly anyways. 

Your second point is relevant too, i feel the same way. In my opinion, i dont think we should have almost half the server as sith or saber wielding characters. But unfortunately, I am not the one to decide on the Sith. Caboose, the server manager is virtually the only person who can cutt regs. And even if we did, we would risk loosing players over someones small pet peeve that their reg is not "lore" or shouldnt exist. The server is more for fun rather then it being extremely lore. If it was all cannon, almost everyone would be either an ST, Shadow trooper, Shock trooper, Shore, Magma or Shore trooper. And then it wouldnt be as fun anymore. Anyway, as MHC im looking for problems in the Military, i have no power in the Sith Area as they are not counted as military.

Although i can agree that we do have a lot of Military Roles, as Cast said, those people have earned those roles. If we cut them, that would not only have a detrimental effect on the person who got to that position, but i feel as if the server itself would revolt as many people have come to gain respect for those Higher Ups. It is not a screaming war as you have called it either. Most of the time, everyone is very civil mannered and things get done in our meetings. Everyone works together as a team. It is not a mess as you call it. Sure, we have out bad times, but most of them time, things run smoothly. Also, i cannot cut anyone from their roles on the ship, Again. I am looking for issues that I can fix, i am looking for things to make the server a funner place.

With the special forces, a system is being put in place. A new server will be opened for Spec Ops troopers to go out on offship missions. This will also be for training new EMs. If we want to read more i made a post about it on the forums in suggestions.

Lastly. This issue is an Event Master Issue. I am still looking for Military issues.  I dont understand how ECs would be placed as they are on the opposing side. It would be failrp to promote them or give them things after they have been the EC as in rp, their character was not there in the battle. Its up to the EMs on how they persuade people into become event characters. Wether it be asking nicely or conscripting.

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