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Graves' Introduction

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I'm Graves, the aloof Riot Trooper, who has been taken to ISB for interrogation... what was it? Eight times? Yes, eight times. ISB don't like me very much, the feeling's mutual though. 

Throughout my 3 weeks and two days of playtime on the server I have ran around playing 'Inner Circle - Bad Boys' with my fellow Shock and Riot, I've baited ISB into pk'ing me more times than I actually count, I've broken my Commander out of the brig as a Shadow Trooper and my personal favorite, I once yelled at the 2IC of Shock and had him chase me for a full ten minutes before the whole of Shock and Riot finally managed to arrest me.

Anyway to keep this somewhat brief, you're all wonderful people and I have no words to adequately describe how dedicated you all are. Thank you for all you have done and all you will do. Goodbye and until we meet again.

Signed, Riot Trooper Graves.


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You sure? I find out and I'll put you six feet under in your own personal grave. Well... actually I won't. But only because I have better things to do. Anyways, you want the reason why I hate ISB, read my bio. It's in my signature.

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