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Application Policy

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Greetings everyone,


Feels like I am making these posts every second day, yikes. It has come to my attention a lot of people are creating new applications when they already have a PAC3 application up, this is no longer going to happen. If you have an application up you're not to delete the contents of your application then post a new one, just because it is old, or you don't like the replies from other people.


Now, if you have an application up and you no longer want to have it up anymore you're not going to delete it you're going to @ myself and request it to be locked. If you wish to re-apply you need to wait 2 weeks before applying and you must message me on the forums asking if you can apply again. If it is a good enough reason I'll, of course, let you, if it isn't and I think you're just removing your old application as it has bad responses I will deny you.


Have a wonderful day,



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