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Zovio's Fixed Ban Appeal

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In-game alias: ST *something* Zovio

Your SteamID(s): 


When was the ban: About 2 Months prior to posting this

How long is the ban: Permanent

Which admin banned you: Little Savage AKA Darth Vader

Explain the situation: I was an immature person. All I did was minge constantly, eventually I got perma banned and I do not blame the staff. They tolerated me so well but one day it all happened and I got banned on all IG community links.

Why you deserve a second chance: I believe I deserve a second chance because I feel I want to come back to and start again. I spent most of my early hours in Garrys Mod on Imperial Gaming and I admit I was a little nuisance but I have grown past that stage and I would like to start again. I will try to revive my relations with people but some people might not be able too, that is okay. I just want to get involved in the community once more. Thanks for Reading and I hope I can join the community once more!

EXTRA - For some reason it automatically posted while unfinished so I have re-written it as of now. Sorry for any inconveniences!

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24 minutes ago, Little5avage said:

1. Fail RP
2. Minge
3. Advertising server
4. Rude to staff
5. Rude to players
6. Pushing lockdown button
7. RDM
8. Mass RDM
9. Lie to staff

I have had staff contact me about you all the time. You did more then just minge.

Yes, that is my point. I always broke rules.

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When you received a 3 day ban you decided to come on an alternate account. You were a minge, you fail RP'd, you RDM'd numerous times in which I personally warned you. The list goes on (As little so kindly showed us <3) You don't seem like you can follow simple rules. 


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