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My intro and why I have been inactive

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Hey guys I've been back for a bit now but I thought id reintroduce myself to newer players. My ingame name is Barron and I am currently an inquisitor apprentice, many older players knew me as a navy officer(line captain) as that was my rank on the server before joining the inquisitors. I was also a former event master but was I removed from the team due to my computer issues and inactivity. I was inactive due to one of my ram sticks failing plus my watercooler pump failing causing the game to be almost unplayable, since then both parts have been replaced thus the reason why i am back.

I hope to redeem my absence now that I am back and active and to help contribute to the wonderful community of imperial gaming!

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2 hours ago, Trident said:

Oh, hi ! Welcome to Imperial Gaming... You kinda remind me of the guy who trained me back when i first started with the community !! :o

I remember that guy, what a cool dude he was

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