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Drack's Tier 1 Application | PAC3


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What is your in Game name: [LCP-Charlie] Dracks

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:186925788

Steam link:  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198334117304/

Play time:  2 Weeks 4 days

Have you used pac3 before: Yes I have used pac3 and it was for RP uses.

Why should we trust you with PAC (1 Paragraph): The community should trust me with Pac 3 for these reasons. I have been apart of the community for a while now. An other reason is I have no currant warnings in total. I have been doing lots of work with Pac 3 on sand box and know how to do Role Play pac's. I am a serious Role player and  I will not disobey the pac3 guide lines.

Why do you want pac3 (1 Paragraph): I am in a heavy weapons unit and my CMDR has Pac 3 and he add a lot more to his model and I want to do exactly that. I also want it to expand my Role play. In doing pac it will help the rp with my self and others around me. It will make my model a lot more realistic because I will be placing the guns I use onto my model. I like being an event character and Pac 3 will most differently make me look like a real star wars character with all these different attachments.

 Why do you deserve pac 3 (1 Paragraph): I believe I deserve Pac 3 because I have been apart of the community for a long time. I do believe I deserve Pac 3 to help Role play of other players. I deserve Pac 3 to bring a unique type of Role play to the server.

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I have to agree with everyone else with you are apart of the community and such but I've seen you minging many times, quite immature but I'm seeing you improving and becoming Mature but I can't judge you on anything that happened in the past so.

But I love the PAC man, Good job! just add a bit more detail on the app and it should be in tip-top shape, Good luck man!


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"My PAC3 Tier 1 Appalcation". I believe it is 'Application'.

NEUTRAL. You have been a part of the community for a long time now but I believe that you could put a bit more information on the application. I also think that you have been a bit too mingey in recent times so if you continue to work on this, I will change this to a +1.

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3 hours ago, Wilson06 said:

Neutral - You are a trusted member of the community and you wouldn't abuse PAC  however your app has very little detail.

Neutral - Add more details and maybe some COLOURS and i'll change it to a +1

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3 hours ago, Mauler said:

Pinejack, not called for. Be more polite or get off the forums.


+1 Dracks is the best person and even though he is literally the youngest player in the community, he is one of the best.

I agree with Mauler. However my current opinion will be a neutral, if you can add some pictures of pacs you have created I will change my decision to a +1.

Goodluck :) 

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Dracks is a great lad, who goes out of his way to improve others time on the server.


Here are all the gramatical errors I could find, good luck with your application.


Appalication is application.


Another should be one word instead of two.


Currant is current.


Guidelines is one word also.


Add is supposed to be a plural, therefore, Adds.


Most differently is Most Definitely.




That's all I could find, good luck with your application. I hope you can spare the time to rectify these grammatical errors as it improves your chances 10-fold






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