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Wilsons PAC 3 Application


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What is your In-game name:



Steam ID:



Steam link:



Play time:

4w 4d 6h  (updated)


Have you used PAC Before:

Yes I have briefly used it in single player and i feel I am now able to make simple PAC’s for use on imperial gaming.- updated . I can now confidently say I have messed around with PAC a lot in single player and have unlocked many new RP possibilities with PAC. 


Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

Because I have the role of an engineer in game which comes  with tools so I feel that I can be trusted because I do not abuse these tools and this is important because you can see from this that if I can be trusted with tools then I can be trusted with PAC .  I also understand that if I was to do anything wrong or irresponsible with PAC then I would have the privilege of using PAC removed and I would receive suitable punishment on the server. I have also been on the server for over 4 weeks and over this time I have got two warnings but they are from over 2 months ago showing that I have picked up my act and have improved my behavior . For these reasons I  believe i should be trusted with PAC 3 on the Imperial Gaming Star Wars roleplay server.


Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

I want PAC because I feel as an engineer we do a lot of RP repairs and other RP scenarios on the Star Destroyer. I feel PAC will help me because I will be able to use PAC to equip things on my character like a gas mask during gas leaks or a gas torch to help repair different parts of the ship. Also if I was granted PAC I'll be able to show that I am responsible with the power that is given to me and be proven trustworthy. Also I have recently got a lot better at using PAC  and i realize that it opens a door to so many more roleplay opportunity's , for example I could RP getting my hand getting burnt of and then add a robotic hand with PAC. Or maybe I could act out welding something and getting a metal chunk in my eye and wearing an eye patch. 

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I feel I deserve PAC because I have dedicated over 4 weeks to the server and I also love the server very much and PAC will help me improve my roleplay on the server as well as improve experiences of others in some cases. I feel I deserve it so that I can prove to the community that I'm not just a minge and that I can be a trustworthy player and show that my past mistakes are now behind me and that I am trying my very hardest to change and have changed in some areas.  I also feel I deserve it because I will be able to improve my roleplay as well as some other peoples , for example in the scenarios in the paragraph I have included some RP injuries which could give medics some RP. I have also put in effort into this application and time into learning about PAC showing I am passionate about getting it.


Thank you to everybody who has read this application please leave any thoughts you have or criticism below.

An example of what ive made 



I just added the tube for a more realistic gas mask.




I have added a few battle stances with a prophet dude.





I have successfully learnt how to replace Body parts, add beams and move bones into the desired position. As well as playing around with animations.
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