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The "Mock-u-mentary" is FINISHED! (If you didn't already know)

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Hello, everyone!

It only took for what was close to a MONTH to finish, but I have completed the Doco that I was filming around the ship! If you would like to watch it, here is the link:


If you would like to visit my channel, here is the link:


I will try and get this played at debrief a couple times so everyone has the option to come along and watch it

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below

Thanks to everyone xD

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4 hours ago, Barron said:

part 2 ft. me


4 hours ago, Lyon said:


Thats a pretty good vid you made, any chance of making more Mock-u-mentary please :D


11 hours ago, Rhom said:

Terrific, please do a part two with me as a bogan del meeko

Yeah, it seems like a lot of people want more! I'll see what I can do for a next time ;)

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