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MyCookedNugget's Ban Appeal

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In-game alias: MyCookedNugget

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:59749392 ) ( 76561198079764512 )

When was the ban: ( Well when i join the server everything says unknown except *Perma Ban* the ban happened at-least maybe a year ago.

How long is the ban: ( Perma BAN )

Which admin banned you: ( It says unknown but it was a super-admin at the time )

Explain the situation: ( Basically, I joined the server while there was event going down and i was waiting patiently to get trained, After spamming admin chat for like 40 mins i decided to become abusive. I Requested and admin at-least 20 times and basically got fed up, so in my mission to get an admin i basically said in admin chat "Can i please get a fucking admin this server is fucking shit" An admin finally teleported to me only to Perma Ban Me....

Why you deserve a second chance: ( Now i'm not trying to blame everything on the staff team, but i'm hoping you guys can understand why i got upset. Yes i swore at admins and called the server shit, but the ban was at-least a year ago and i believe that i have matured from the incident, I am allot more well behaved, I also understand it is unacceptable to harass stuff and swear at them, I deserve a second chance because i feel like a perma ban was Completely fair however it was a very long time ago, and you should at-least trial me for a week or even a month.... )

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If this ban really did happen nearly a year ago, how on Earth do you remember the situation that lead up to you being banned? I think that there is more to this story than you are letting on so I will not give my opinion yet until your story can be confirmed.

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2 things,


Please fix the formatting, that blinding red is hurting and you don't need brackets around everything.


What you did seems to be pretty severe and I don't think anyone wants someone calling the server bad because they're not getting what they want.

But in saying all that, I believe everyone deserves a second chance, but I don't believe everyone will agree with me on this.


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