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Tex's Tier 2 Pac3 Application

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In game name - Tex


Steam ID/link -  STEAM_0:0:59687686  http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheLordOfGames


Play Time - 2 weeks



1. What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? (Include Pictures of your best PAC)

I have made many things. its hard to choose a best.

My main PAC 3.


I have also gained a few trophy's. over a few events.



Here is a few zombie PAC 3's i hope are seen in zombie events in the future, their all set up with run animations and hit with crowbars.



2. How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? (Provide Examples)

Well, i had a duel with Vauban, heh we all know how that went. Had to get a new leg. Thanks Boomer!


I got trained with the stun baton from Kellogs!


I created a ID PAC 3, to combat Gmod not being able to save my fu@#!$ binds. This is the one i made for Gallius


I also had an alien parasite removed from my chest by Wolfy.


I create a cargo carrying PAC 3 as well. The nova troopers love this classic distraction as us scar members sneak in behind to the vault in training sims for them.


That moment when your below 100 hp and need to draw attention to yourself to get a MT.


And numerous other occasions in which i didn't take photos. The experiences and RP created by PAC 3 is amazing, not just for be but other people too. 

3. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? (Personal Experience)

PAC 3 Being implemented Makes rp go more smoothly, no more do you have to imagine isb cutting off your fingers, cause now you can do that in PAC 3. PAC 3 Assists everyone around you in role play, it can be used to create custom event characters and bosses. It can create working AT ST's AT RT's and so on ( Theresa reason why you haven't seen the AT AT im making YET). The possibilities are practically endless if  your great with PAC 3, and im gonna be straight out honest with you guys, im not that good. i spend lots of time on my things, not only to make me look cool (well half the time) but to make rp more interesting for everyone. If anything i think it makes the game play more enjoyable and convenient in all. But it is a bit restrictive and i understand that, that is why i am applying for tier 2. I wish everyone on this server would have a chance to use this but i recognize people would sadly abuse it, especially with 90 + players. so those who are looking at the PAC 3 forums, including this post. I Implore you to make a PAC 3 application, back to the subject after that little tangent. It creates more interesting RP and lets others be more "immersed". I wish to create more PAC 3's orientated towards more event characters and event boss's. With the use of Tier two i (hopefully) would be allowed to import custom models and materials in. so i could, for example put a Jedi symbol on the back of a Jedi's robe or make custom hoods without having to cover your model. In all PAC 3 has contributed towards RP and immersion, and through tier 2 i could further that experience.

Suggestions (Sorry i know its not in the template) 

Id love to see a forum thread where we as a community could share PAC 3's. This goes hand in hand with the PAC 3's im making like the zombies and boss's for events.

Also id love to see you being able to change your model under the "Entity" Sub-tree as it would assist in making PAC 3. There is almost no point that being restricted as people bone merge and hide their old model anyway. It makes PAC 3's a lot bigger than they should be, and restricts access to different bone structures <-(Basically makes it so you cant have body groups). Again doesn't do anything because of bone mesh, just creates more work and makes our PAC 3's bigger in size. (wouldn't mind this being a tier 2 thing either)


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Holy Sh*T 3 reply's already, im blessed! Thanks to people like yous i was able to get PAC 3 initially with a fraction of the hours other players had on their applications! I doubt i will get this app in the first shot this time because of my hours but, Thanks for the 3 responses in the first 3 minutes!

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YO Update, just made a SCAR member, from lore. Misty. It may seem like a easy PAC 3 but it was a *insert bad word here* pain in the ass to to sew the 2 pieces of jiggle cloths together. in all it took 5 hours id like to say.  For reference first image is Misty.



I Hope you like it! a Official real scar member Shes a female too. Yes i know its not exact, like how ive covered her shoulders ect. but i dont have access to custom models and etc so i cant fix them. this is the best i could do. I want to go through and make other Task force 99 troopers such as all featured here: https://star-wars.aminoapps.com/page/blog/task-force-99-scar-squad/PVFm_udxZ2D6vWr2Bvx54XjBwv6W7k but some have specific decals and pieces i cant add until i get tier 2. That is in the effort that majority of scar members have pac 3, so i am making pac 3 models for the actual models. (this will probs goto robinson) <3


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He ya here is a update, i have made Task force 99 (SCAR)  Cav, or the melee expert, he can use pretty much most melee weopons. He also comes with a machete as he had one in comics ect (a reskined sword from previous) which i have left out so far becouse fear of da moose xD

First few images are reference images (cav is far loower left)

Image result for Cav task force 99

So than i saw some conceptual art and kinda merged em (the one with obsessive knives is cav)

Image result for Cav task force 99

So this is what i made on server, merging concepts and comic images from various sources. iv set him to use knives and the animations and bones are in already. Hes slightly taller than the avridge trooper and brawnier too, as you will see in game, although only slightly.



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