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another chance to not troll events


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In-game alias: Beric Dondarion

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:44583726

When was the ban: early november.

How long is the ban: perm for my first offence

Which admin banned you: forget

Explain the situation: i trolled an event by shooting a few fellow troopers

Why you deserve a second chance: because i am very sorry for my actions, am more expreinced with the genre and am ready to RP and play by all server rules.

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Your application for unban currently looks very rushed and no effort seems to be put into your application, regarding your missing information you can find out about your ban details by joining the server and seeing the reason for your ban, if you cannot see it, I will look at the ban details with your Steam ID. My suggestion is that you take down this ban appeal, and redo it with effort and not to rush it as it does show you do not care. 



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