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Garr Tatham || Introduction

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Some small little lore background

Hello Troopers & Members of the community

I bring you some very bad news about Shore; Commander Wiles & Master Sergeant Towns (2nd In Charge) were in a devastating crash whilst travelling back to Scarif for their rotation, Luckily Commander Wiles did survive but with serious injuries. They served us very well even though they made mistakes they stood strong. My name is Garr Tatham I was the Head-Advisor for shore and worked alongside Director Krennic, I found it my duty to take a 4-day journey to the Star Destroyer to help Shore rebuild. For the first couple months, I will be working as a Naval Personel so I can grasp an understanding of the new lifestyle. After that, I will let my destiny take its route.

I'd like to give a big thank you to the Grand Admiral for letting me stay on the Star Destroyer.


Thank You

- Garr Tatham // Shore Advisor




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