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ST Help needed

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Hello everyone!


Some of you may have noticed, ST's isn't doing very well...and it may be partly my fault...

Other than that, another reason ST's is struggling, is due to the fact that our chain of command has dissolved.


ST's has recently had a purge of higher ups, with SGT's and Officers moving on to join other regiments, or other issues such as my co-commander (Alex) having Gmod issues, or my officer department who is busy IRL.


We also recently lost a MSGT who was recently perma-banned...which does not help our situation in the slightest.


So! we need help! The few of us left are stretched thin trying to:

-Train new troopers

-keep them in line

-command them in events

-recruit new SGT's

and lastly, Keep the SGT recruits in the ST reg.


In summary, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP THE ST'S! If you want to volunteer to become a temporary ST officer, please tell either me, Stevo, or Alex (if you see him)

Hopefully we can get back on are feet in due time

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