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What happened to VF?

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Alright, as of late VF has been inactive.

So as of late, we have had officers leaving and a variety of members leaving or being kicked for their own personal reasons.

Parks, the old 1st Lieutenant and 2iC of VF about 2 weeks ago, left for DT and in joining DT he dropped 2 ranks, then realised he didn't like it there and rejoined us. Dropping him a further 2 ranks.

Marcus, Marcus being probably not the best or most active trooper, he was quite loyal and still followed orders when they were given out. He had left for DT as of actually today or yesterday. (Only informed us today, when I say Today I mean Saturday, ironic to the time of this post) But he was Warrant Officer.


So where does that leave the remaining members? We had Horus that left for DT, Billy that was kicked out for a multitude of reasons and Stevey that left for another reason.
We still have 3 other troopers; Fl0w, Steel and Craig. To be Honest, they aren't the most active but they are still there when we need them on and still respond. They can't always be on but we have to deal with what we got.

As for myself and MnM. Since Monday, I've been unable physically to get on due to the power surge of my AC Adapter, I had been to multiple stores and looked for my charger. The 2 stores I could go to, one was a Lenovo Partner (I have a Lenovo) and they would have to ship it in from China which would take 4 weeks, and be priced at about 100-120 bucks. Or I could go to another store and get it shipped in 24h but it would cost 200 bucks for just the charger alone and then an addition 25 bucks for Express. This has fucked me over and I've decided to get one on the Internet, ironically being shipped from China as well but it's faster. I did this on Wednesday night, but apparently it was only officially landed in Australia for post at Friday 1:05 AM, and wouldn't arrive until the 16th of November. Only costing me about 60 Dollars, because apparently the Charger is a 'High Grade Charger' but moving on.
With MnM, he has school work and assignments/Exams to go through like Parks. But with MnM, the fact is he now isn't able to get on because he is at Hospital with his mother (For his mother), I won't get into the details because that's up to him to tell you guys. But he isn't able to get on and the rest of us all have Exams and shit for the end of year stuff.
I've practically finished school with the rest free days for the next 2 weeks unless I have an Exam which I got one and that's on Wednesday, but I have to manage shit from the sidelines without a charger.

In total, we are down to 6 people, Parks can do Tryouts when he gets on but we are still trying to get things running and the main leadership is in disarray but still intact, but unable to attend to things. We WILL NOT give up on VF though and strive to do the best, we still stand by what we say and will have a few more rules and changes coming to VF when I get on or MnM gets on (Or both of us to be honest, he is probably going to wait for me) and we intend on making VF great again/#MakeVFEliteagain


Do not think we are dead or just not bothering, we actually DO care about the regiment and the rest of the Empire. It's like Little with his Computer and we don't see Vader on much, although without Vader, VF pretty much doesn't have much RP to do. Which we will be changing and adding more stuff to our repertoire.

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Hmmm @Kestoren it was brought up multiple times at Commanders meeting that the VF Troopers were dead. I don’t believe they’re dead as of now but soon if you don’t get your Computer fixed then yes it will be dead and a new commander will be elected if everything goes south. Also if you need help you could have messaged me and I would have helped out with tryouts... and all. I could even help you run the regiment if you need me too VF are not that different to 212th we fought in the clone wars together we can do it again. Good Luck and message me if you need help and like I’ve said I’m more than happy to help run the reg.

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@Wombatiacus It's a matter of waiting for Australian Post but MnM will be getting on when he can and I've told Parks to start doing Tryouts and keep active. Once I get back, I got no more Exams or anything and I can fully dedicate myself to VF's Restoration and then get things rolling on the ball. Currently I'm doing my best from the sidelines. (Also you say we fought together in the clone wars, just watch that one episode when we had to band together against that one Jedi General that was making us fight ;)) But in general, it's just a matter of making sure we can get people active and going again. I'm going to be making sure Activity rules are enforced, basically if you are going for 2-3 days without telling a Commander/Officer, you'll be kicked. But if you are kicked and come back without having told us and have a reasonable explanation, you can go through tryouts again and if you are still up to date, may be restored to your previous rank and position (Unless someone has taken your position, then you'll be given a new one)
It's all good, I just have to wait you know?
With MnM, it's another story and with Parks he has time after school and on weekends but that's not always as he does have Exams, so does MnM and myself, and a few of the others unless they are already out of School.
Considering I'm one of the oldest in the regiment and finishing my last year of "College" (Year 12) it's put a bit of a strain on me because last week, I had to stop almost completely for several days because of Assignments but I got on before the Monday and was on for a few others and that, then yeah.

-- Edit --
Thanks Delta and Excalibur :) I know we can.
We aren't dead either and haven't been for a few weeks actually, just a matter of the last week we have become more inactive. Just need circumstances. And people leaving as of lately.

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I’m Sorry I used the term ‘Dead‘ it’s just I wrote this right after the commanders meeting when we were talking about Dead Regiments and a few people were talking about Vader Fist being Dead anyway I’m always here if you may need some help with the revival of Vader Fist. Good Luck.

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