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Lukovs warn appeall

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In-game alias: Lukov

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:8990089

When was the Warn: 10/11/17 ~ 10:40PM

Which admin Warnned you: Martibo

Explain the situation: I was lining up for debrief before an event started then I got invited to a squad for my regiment and the accept button was binded to make me do act laugh and does /me laughs hysterically and so i panicked i didnt know what to do so to cover it up from the accident i killed myslef i really had no clue what i was meant to do, to either let the animation finnish or stop it by killing myself, im really sorry for this but this was just a mistake I never wanted this to happen i just wanted to keep my slate clean, im sorry to Martibo for this and im sorry to Roosta for interrupting his speech, but this really just was my 1 big accident ive ever made on IG, I just want this to pass by and get this warn removed and yet again im sorry to Martibo and Roosta. Thank you.

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