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Tom's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

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In Game Name: Keegan Taegan

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40816997

Play Time: 4 Weeks, 5 Days, 6 hours, 18 Minutes at time of writing

Have You Used PAC: I've toyed around with it in sandbox, as well as watched multiple PAC3 Tutorials from Youtube.

Why should you be Trusted with PAC3: As a long term player and a serious role-player, I have a solid understanding on what constitutes appropriate role-play for the Player's character, and would not use PAC3 in an attempt to break immersion or gain an unfair advantage.

Why do you want PAC: I would like to be entrusted with PAC3 to further customise my character to increase my role-play capabilities by changing limbs of the player model, utilising the Bone Manipulation to create custom poses and the additions of role-play devices relevant to my character.

Why do you Deserve PAC: I believe I deserve PAC3 to further increase my role-play potentials beyond the vanilla settings. It's all about the role-play in the end.

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In Game

You are fun, and consistently joking taking some edge of things

While you do muck around a bit, given the opportunity and timing you're RP is very good

The App

While not detailed and quite short, I believe it gets your point across

The app is 'lacking' but I believe you are a suited candidate

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