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Shut Up Kosmos

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Kosmos you need to stop questioning the capability of your rifle, you're a clone trooper your DC-15A is meant to deal with all Enemies. How dare you as a private question the capacity of your rifle! 

Would a lightsaber be better? In that case become a Jedi. Never doubt the equipment in the republic! For your information if you kill or destroy up to 50 enemies with that rifle your DC-15A will upgrade to a purple shooter (BF2 Reference) 

Please Kosmos if you want a promotion or to become more reputable don't ask stupid questions. I'm very glad your brethren had the a desceny to tell you to shut up!

Never be scared of the enemies. thats how the Russians won?? Who knows but in all honesty if you question the monster you'll die infact I think you're dead because I watched that episode.

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