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Star Destroyer Update

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21 hours ago, KIX said:

This looks absolutely Epic! Fantastic job my Lord. Cannot wait to play it. Is there a beta version we can tryout?

Sorry but setting up a beta would only take a lot of time and it would push the actual release further away into the future. Finalising a map takes quite a lot of time. What I generally do is I get a final version ready and let one or two people I know really well test it.

21 hours ago, 2222-Twos said:

@LordTrilobite I like the map you have made and is the medbay still on the top level or there a new area for the Medbay can be put

The medbay hasn't changed. I want to replace the bacta tanks and beds with new models though. But I'm not sure I will get around to do that for this update as I would still need to make those models.

17 hours ago, Maffa146 said:

@LordTrilobite Can I ask where and how the new elevators work. They seem in a odd place.



I want to give all the elevators an overhaul, but that might take so much time I'm not sure I will get around to do that for this update. So for the time being, these new elevators are just teleports like the old bridge elevator. And as to where they are. Think of the bridge layout, the door in the back that is closed right now. I've added a room behind that door, if you enter that room you will see two elevators on left and right. Both these elevators do the same, they go down one floor. If you go down in these elevators, you'll get to a room with three elevators. The two on the sides take you back up, and the one in the middle will take you down to the rest of the ship. This third elevator also replaces the old elevator that used to connect the bridge to the rest of the ship. On this floor that is directly below the bridge are the officers quarters.


12 hours ago, Simmo said:

@LordTrilobite Is it possible to the rooms that are next to the control room mirrored on the other size? Cause its a really good space.

There are many, many control rooms. Where do you mean? Because often I've opted to leave spaces empty because this map pushes the Source engine to it's limits. I can only add so much. So in general I tend to make more unique rooms on one side rather than have mirror images on both sides, because that would mean I can't add as many new unique rooms.


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Are you changing the floor so its back to normal and not FPS drops galore? @LordTrilobite

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8 hours ago, ShadowRanger said:

Will the lighting be fixed in this map so we don't have to turn mat_specular off?

This just means your Gmod is broken. The lighting is not broken as far as I know. This problem only appears when when a map does not have cubemaps. And the map has cubemaps built into the .bsp file so this problem should not exist.

Just to be sure, for testing, try changing in the options between HDR and no HDR and see if that fixes it. If that fixes it, I made a mistake. If that doesn't then the problem is on your end.

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