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Fox's Tier 2 Pac3 Application. 4/11/17

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In game name -

IC Brigadier Advisor - 1278 - 'Fox'


Steam ID/link - 

Linkhttp://steamcommunity.com/id/IGFox/   IDSTEAM_0:1:63990653


Play time -

Currently, my play time is 6 weeks, 3 days and 11 hours.


Questions -

1. What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? (Include Pictures of your best PAC)

Here are some pictures of mostly my Fox Commando Pac, along with his animations and extra things. and also some scenes made from PAC3.


Half Life Source 11.04.2017 -                   - This is a PAC of 3 Commandos walking together. Like having little AI Body guards. they dont shoot unfortunately...




gm_emp_escort0005.thumb.jpg.f286f1a4f7bd307f96ae219bd2aedd02.jpgAiwha Squad on a mission,

gm_diprip_dam0004.thumb.jpg.ac3e9d118e668bbb52f959457af09373.jpgAiwha Squad

gm_flatgrass0003.thumb.jpg.7c72f47ba4cbe07618b5627510ffb573.jpgAn RC squad of 3. 

gm_flatgrass0006.thumb.jpg.88a11fb27be55b6b01de417dad6d473b.jpgGeneral Little after an accident.

gm_flatgrass0008.thumb.jpg.bc7072963ef1a3f0508f0a7edc2263c6.jpgHelmet less RC


mor_facility_cv10002.thumb.jpg.c5782b0cb23328eebdd989fdea0227f6.jpgThe Death of IC-Egg.

rp_mos_mesric_v20002.thumb.jpg.ccadc5264f68c47047ecf22ea6650dd3.jpgCommander Mia killing off hostages

rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10064.thumb.jpg.7c9aeaabde5202898229870f9e254fdd.jpgMaking Daddy Vaders light saber Pac

rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10105.thumb.jpg.e2eebee207805bdb83977441fed34ff1.jpgIC- Fox

rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10106.thumb.jpg.f5788e45b87eb2540d47a2d72f38fe79.jpgBackrp_stardestroyer_ig_v10107.thumb.jpg.722a038ba3d87be2da35be9aeb8c528e.jpgrp_stardestroyer_ig_v10109.thumb.jpg.bdceac9837f33a257ace21b8d155bcad.jpgDual DC-15msrp_stardestroyer_ig_v10110.thumb.jpg.f00c836822455baed1a758cd01af8227.jpgrp_stardestroyer_ig_v10112.thumb.jpg.8f979d7be4be1744b33ddeb287044f08.jpgE11 changed to this thing.rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10114.thumb.jpg.9f50636e350692b110276214ff5de116.jpgFox's sitting poserp_stardestroyer_ig_v10115.thumb.jpg.1a2cac2972c48136e2fe1f2266dbe85e.jpgrp_stardestroyer_ig_v10117.thumb.jpg.2d210c5ad9e56fb9508e3e728723a01a.jpgViro Bladerp_stardestroyer_ig_v10118.thumb.jpg.d3d4bf09401aaf9ef8f4db8ff170347c.jpg

rp_stardestroyer_ig_v10119.thumb.jpg.7fd5d3cd69bee70a677df80a16a362c1.jpgAttackrp_stardestroyer_ig_v10122.thumb.jpg.e4aacd39ce70496808217278aaef8eae.jpgSitting Pose on Chairrp_stardestroyer_ig_v10125.thumb.jpg.214c622edef72c0e8f4dc267f6b18fd9.jpgRunning Hold typegm_flatgrass0012.thumb.jpg.dc284b3a9298bcdb715b82de1e04b86b.jpgIDgm_flatgrass0013.thumb.jpg.1c2ddb8da076b01961838415723b546f.jpgHand Shakegm_flatgrass0015.thumb.jpg.663806d0e23d45118f5ccb9b8e414a71.jpggun cleaning




2. How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? (Provide Examples)

I have improved the role play for other members of the community by adding models to my characters to either make them more authoritative, scary, edgy, menacing or sad. I have also added several poses and models to Characters that I play in events. EG - Yesterday, or the 3rd of November, we had an event where there were these Tribal Warriors and the Sith needed to fight them as they had Sabers, because I like my good ol' dose of Pureus's edge, I decided before hand that I would dress my Warrior in a sith like style, I made him taller, made his clothes red-ish and his eyes were full red and glowing. So I faced Pureus and toyed with him, telling him to give up and that he was to good for the empire, and that he killed my parents and took me in as his apprentice once, creating a bit of a good story for him. Then, when i was nearly dead, I fell down to my knees {PAC Pose}, and Pureus and I shared words and then he cut my head off, like a good sith should. The look and the poses made the RP experience way funner for both parties, I actually was having lots of fun toying with Pureus and then we had a dramatic death, all thanks to PAC3. I also improved the RP for my boy Garrick Versio. We were in a meeting and by the end of it, he did this: /me Shakes Fox's Hand. What he didn't know, is that if I press J on my keyboard, my hand comes up to shake the other persons. And he was pretty stoked on that. I have overall improved the experience of other players on the server by using poses, switching out weapons, having RP related binds like the ID bind which brings up a screen with my ID, thus adding more RP to the Shock's Job {Or Guarding Regs in general} Or when I am stripped I can actually RP and take off all my weapons off by back.


3. What have been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? (Personal Experience)

From the implementation of PAC3 I have been able to learn how to use the addon and have gained so much experience from it. I have been able to tie in stuff my character is able to do with the lore of his character. I have been able to use small things like the way he sits and the way he dresses to give myself and other players a good understanding of what Fox's Character is like and how he acts, and maybe what he has been through. With PAC I have been more able to immerse myself in my character and improve the overall RP experience for myself, and others. I have done this by adding small features to the model like sitting, holding weapons, the way he runs, adding models like the Kama, gun holsters and guns on the bag so it looks like I actually have the gun instead of pulling it out of no where.  I have been able to create several poses {Don't have them because i may not have saved them or didn't like the look} like having hands in his pockets while walking, Sitting and looking to the floor, sitting with arms crossed and leaning back on the wall and sleeping {For when im AFK}. I have made these poses to create more of an immersive space for me and other users, so, instead of going up to the wall and going AFK, I can make it more obvious I am AFK by sleeping or sitting. I have also created animations using proxy's, like cleaning my gun for instance, so when I'm also AFK or not doing much, I can just sit down and start cleaning my DC-17m blaster.


Thank you for reading my App! Cheers!





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