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Ban Appeal

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In-game alias: Perri

Your SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/officialperri/

When was the ban: Today

How long is the ban: Perm

Which admin banned you: Boxer

Explain the situation: I stole a ship and flew it away. He banned me for 'attempting to mass RDM'.

Why you deserve a second chance: I wasn't attempting! I just wanted to fly it away. Also he banned me for not wanting to RP but I very much do want to RP, I'm just still learning the ropes. I RDM'ed no more than 2 people tonight and I'm very sorry, I only got 2 warnings for it and I promise I'll clean up my act.

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+1 for a reduced ban. You made some stupid decisions and you must now suffer the consequences of maybe a 3 - 4 week ban, IF this does get reduced. If you do manage to get your ban reduced, I'd advise you not making the same mistakes again.

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