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Twinkie's PAC3 Application


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1 hour ago, Moff Wibbles said:


I worked with Twinkie in my short tenure as a member of the Imperial Navy, and he at no times showed any mingy tendencies. I feel he could be trusted with PAC.

EDIT: As the former Commander of Inferno Squad, I'm also aware that the droid role did not have much to do in RP - I feel that PAC would help give the droid more options to interact with others and deepen the RP of not only Inferno Squad, but the server itself.

Thank you very much @Moff Wibbles.


And yes, @Red I have updated my signature now to reflect who I am now in game. :)



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Some recent creations, a Torture PAC (Couldn't go all out as the ID-10 Model of droid is not specifically for interrogation) and a new Hologram PAC for Wanted Criminals - Note: Inspiration from @

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On 11/8/2017 at 1:53 PM, Maffa146 said:

Hi Twinkie,

Yes, indeed I think that Twinkie will be a great user of PAC3 if he gets it. He is currently Sub-Lieutenant, meaning he is trusted within the community, and knows how it all works. I think that with the addition of PAC he will greatly assist the RP of both himself and others. 


Maxine (Iden Versio)


New PACs on the way.



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Here are some PACs I made with the Inferno Droid Model - Some are with the default size some are not.


When I type a little glow comes on around my main eye - is meant to signify data transfer/loading


When my SE-14C is out it disappears and a small weapon pops out just beneath my main eye 


When my E-11 is out a small weapon pops out just beneath my eyerp_stardestroyer_ig_v10025.thumb.jpg.c4b10f22ed7a69ad3ae9a16f78991c66.jpg

When I crouch a small arm pops out just beneath my main eye to act like I am connecting to a console etc - a Small reference to SWBF2, Slice it.


A Hologram projecting out of the eye - inspiration from R2-D2 in the Empire Strikes Back


It has been said by many that the Inferno Droid is way too big for how it is supposed to be. I have edited the model by using its peculiar bones system to make it smaller, half size. Thank you for looking at my PACs, I hope that they are good for a beginner at PAC. Just a side note, I did all this without a tutorial except for a tutorial on how to make weapons disappear.

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You have done so much with this little droid. Your ID PAC is better than mine at the moment xD, thanks for the credit.

You will make the Inferno Seeker Droid far more immersive and interesting to play with. I wonder what you can accomplish next! I know you will not abuse PAC, you will fit right in.

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Some recent creations, a Torture PAC (Couldn't go all out as the ID-10 Model of droid is not specifically for interrogation) and a new Hologram PAC for Wanted Criminals -

Note: Inspiration from @Chef, thanks for the cool ideas. (For anyone wondering, I did not copy anything off Chef. We only shared ideas as we are both non-living things on the server)


A neat 'Torture Mode' PAC. The object on the far right is a needle filled with a liquid, the object in the middle is an electric prod and the object on the left is a small saw.

This PAC can greatly increase the roleplay of interrogations by physically being able to have instruments out and ready for the actions needed.


A cool idea for when Inferno helps arrest someone, shows their physical appearance (although only in hologram form), their name and the reason why they are wanted.



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14 hours ago, NickArino said:

+1 For Me!!

Very Mature

Trusted throughout the community 

Won't Abuse 

Good Luck


13 hours ago, TheSSlothhh said:

I think that the PAC3 ideas you have shown are a clear example as to why you deserve PAC3, along with your maturity and quite respected in the community.
Best of luck with your application.

Many thanks, the both of you.

Attached are a few new PACs I have made with my new character, Adiana Caton. Adiana Caton is part of the Corvus Crew. This means that she is a crewman, and/or, in a way, a pilot. With some of my new PACs, I have gone for a more 'pilot-y' feel/sense, obviously representing the pilot side of Inferno Squad.


With the picture above, I have made the model hold a small device in which the character talks into. Not sure why but I feel as though this feels like what a pilot does.


My hardest PAC yet. This PAC took me around 2-3 hours to actually complete, not using any video tutorials on how to do this, however, I did have some help from @Maffa146as this is very similar to his old PAC. I finally finished it by accidentally clicking bone-merge and making the model look amazing. I am quite proud of this one.


Another version of a typing PAC. This time utilizing the chest box on the player model.


Thank you for viewing my PACs. I am currently getting more and more ideas on what to create with my new model.




sorry for the long post :P

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