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Ban Appeal

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In-game alias:Alf 

Your SteamID:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198367886798/

When was the ban:3/11/17

How long is the ban:1Day

Which admin banned you:Imposing

Explain the situation:So basically got two warnings only had 2 active and basically I apartently had a dupe of a black penis which then Event Master Sal Said to me I have video footage which then later admitts to not have any footage then Frank decided to give me a warning for prop abuse when still not footage or anything without bringing the witness even I did admitt to it because I wanted the sit to be over but thats when I got the warning and realised I was getting in trouble for something I didn't do I then took it up with Imposing which then said I have all my staff telling me that you have a dupe of a black penis which was then continued with no evidence I got banned for Lying to staff which still no evidence of anything and was banned for 1Day.

Why you deserve a second chance:Because I shouldn't have been banned or warned for something I didn't do.

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You spawned in a dupe of a inappropriate thing you were then caught you received a warning from two staff members you proceeded to do it again two more times after that.

Take the one day to think upon your actions and come back tomorrow on your best behaviour.

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