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1262 - "Scorch" PAC application


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What is your in game name: 1262 - “Scorch”


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:49867849


Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060001427


Play time: 5 days 6 hours (Note: I am on every day for around 3 hours+)


Have you used PAC before: Yes, I love making my model look like anything from a battle hardened soldier to a shiny Technician.(I have only used PAC in single player)


Why should you be trusted with PAC: I love the Imperial gaming community that I have grown to be apart of. I always love to help make the server an even better role play experience in any way I can and I believe that my experience on the server means that I can be trusted with PAC3.


Why do you want PAC: I love to be creative and make new characters with different backstories and I really enjoy telling stories about a character through his or her clothing and items they carry around. Any way I can make someone's role play experience better through the way I portray my character in my opinion makes the server even more enjoyable.


Why do you deserve PAC: I feel that I deserve PAC because there could be more interesting characters to come out of it and I believe that I could help make these characters pop out in the crowd of other PAC creations. I also believe that I have proven how dedicated to the server I have been in the past and I will continue to be dedicated in the future.


Thank you for considering me for PAC access


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Legit on like everyday.

normally first commando online after school/work.

Nice guy.

somewhat easy to work with.

is creative and gives good feedback.

can be trusted with pac3.

good luck buddy.

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