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Regarding Model Errors

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So lately people have been complaining about some of the workshop models are errors and they are not on the workshop anymore. The reason for this is because EA has gone around and DMCA rounds on addons but fortunately that haven't taken down everything.

Proof: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hydro1969

"EA are still doing their DMCA rounds on the workshop, and unfortunatly they took down apart from whats left. If you manage to have the files saved you can do what ever you want with them."


So you guys now have the answer and you can stop spamming people why you see errors.

But the reason why they are doing it is unanswered.


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I'm guessing now someones going have to make custom models instead of ripping them from Battlefront. 

This now puts the task on someone else, if however, a developer or someone else has already fixing or fixed the issue. 



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