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LePaul PAC3 Application

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What is your in-game name?:

JT Commander LePaul 

ST Major Jacko 


Shadow Guard Trainee Thanatos



Steam Link:


Play Time:

1w 1D 3H 
2W 3D 16H

Have you used PAC before?: 

I've been learning it over the last couple of weeks in an offline map getting use to it. I have been following youtube tutorials to learn PAC3. 

Phase 1: Basic Outfit - No RP done at this point for outfit. Added Helmet bevel with yellow stripe, as per canon. Added Kama to thighs. In lore they prevent rocket impacts to the legs. Added Jetpack control to right and left forearm. Added functional rebreather that moves with player model (courtesy of @|Stryker|)

Phase 2: Some RP - Taken a jetpack from a Mandalorian.

Since I've joined scar, it's time for a new pac. Front & Back. I've changed the eyes to blue, added DLT-19 to back, added left control pad, added right shoulder pad & Lastly, the war banner.

~~Shadow Guard time~~ 
Standing Guard stance - 
Guard Stance1Guard Stance2
Kneeling to Lord Vader - Kneel1Kneel2Kneel3
Gun Holster - Holster
Cross Guard Pike - Cross Guard1Cross Guard2 Note: Purely cosmetic.
Found holdtype - 
IdleList of things I edited - Quick Video of it in use

Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

I've tried my best to maintain my integrity on the server. I've tried to be as active as I possibly can and follow the rules. The first few days on the server for me were a bit shaky (New to the RP scene), but once I joined Nova, I immersed myself in the server. I've built relationships with a few people on the server and tried my best to be the commander my regiment needs me to be. When I was learning PAC, I did notice the potential malicious use of it, but I only have the purest of intentions with it. I have read and understand the PAC rules, I do not intend to break them as PAC is a privilege and will be treated as one.

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

Ever since I saw Fox's use of PAC in his events, I've admired it's value towards RP. At first I thought it was something used to improve ones outfit, but it can be so much more. I want to add objects to my outfit for RP purposes, I want to give myself different poses for separate actions like talking in chat, sitting, standing, etc. I want to use PAC for passive RP like when JT do repairs to the exterior of the ship or jetpack maintenance, having a welding tool(blow torch) in hand, using a clip board in training/tryouts and a few more. I would also like to create RP PAC for events, like Fox's hostage situation that he created with General Little. PAC is a versatile tool that I want to use for many RP purposes to enhance mine and other players experiences.

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I deserve a chance to immerse myself further into this server. I have the competency to use PAC and learn it further and then use those skills to help produce cool PAC content; like the AT-ST and AT-RT I've seen recently. I want to create that "wow" effect for other players. I may not have the 3 week playtime I see in other applications, but I've been on everyday that I possibly could be on since joining the server and have also dedicated a lot of my time to this server. I will prove myself worthy of PAC if given the opportunity.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. If anyone is looking at these applications trying to get PAC help, I'm using https://www.youtube.com/user/UltimatePac3/videos for guides.


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On 11/2/2017 at 1:19 PM, Rooster said:

I support this as you have managed to successfully revived Jump Troopers into a respectable regiment. You're friendly to everyone and is deserving of the responsibility of Pac3.


I am going to have to agree with this, +1

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On 02/11/2017 at 1:49 PM, Rooster said:

I support this as you have managed to successfully revived Jump Troopers into a respectable regiment. You're friendly to everyone and is deserving of the responsibility of Pac3.



Completely agree with this. A fantastic Commander, and a very friendly face around the ship.

Good luck!


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  • Great commander while he was in JT
  • Well respected in the community
  • Most people know who he is.
  • Friendly and just a top bloke

Edit: Looking at the pacs he has created since applying you can tell he has come along way . The pacs look great and you can tell he has put effort to learn pac.

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