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Rancor - Passing of the Torch

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Attention all personnel,


I am formally announcing to everyone, with a heavy heart, that due to his skills and services needed to be served elsewhere, that Captain ARC-24-A "Muzza" of the Rancor Battalion has officially transfered from the Star Destroyer to the Star Destroyer [CLASSIFIED] heading out for [CLASSIFIED] to train new recruits in the sector.


Whilst this is a sad day to see one of our greatest having to leave us for the good of the Empire, I can inform everyone that I, "Colt", will be returning aboard the Star Destroyer to fill in the void that has been left. As agreed upon by the Brigadier ARC-20-A "Blitz", I will become the acting Second-In-Command of Rancor Battalion under the same rank and file number of the departed Captain.


I will do my best to excel in all my duties, and more, as the former Captain had, and I look forward to seeing all the familiar troopers from the past and new troopers aboard the Star Destroyer.


Long Live the Emperor, and Long Live the Empire.


Captain ARC-24-B "Colt"

Rancor Battalion

Empire's Fury Made Flesh


(Note: This isn't a PK in any way, shape of form. This is a simple re-skin and name change to a more "Lore-Friendly" character)

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