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Unban me please

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In-game alias: Perri

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40756036

When was the ban: 10/22/2017

How long is the ban: 6 days

Which admin banned you: Frank(STEAM_0:1:155613207)

Explain the situation: Basically I was minging/mic spamming the instrumental from The Last Jedi trailer in the bunks, the admin told me to stop and I didn't for another 20 seconds. He then dragged me away, gave me 3 warnings and said he was going to ban me. He then said not to mic spam when I get unbanned and I promised him I wouldn't and that I was sorry.

Why you deserve a second chance: Because I am very sorry. I shouldn't of done it and especially shouldn't of continued to after he told me to stop. I promise I will never do it again and I will always RP by the rules. I won't spam any music unless it's super late at night with less than a few people on. Thank you

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