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renold's Tier 1 pac3 application (Refreshed)


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Good day ladies and gentlemen :)

It has been awhile since this old application was updated so instead of making a new one I will update this one.

What is your In-game name:

My current in game name at the moment is Renolds.

Steam ID:


Steam link:


Play time:

My current playtime is  2 weeks, 2 days, 16 hours and 44 minutes

Have you used PAC Before:

Hes I have during my spare time I have been fiddleing with pac to create a new look for the current role I am in as a storm commando. :)





Why should you be trusted with PAC?

Since my time on the server I have been mindful of the rules and always keep a nice friendly tone to those on the server and also done my best to stay out of trouble therefore I believe I should be trusted with pac beacuse I will not use and abuse it for none roleplay purposes and I will use pac to further make my roleplay better both as a trooper and during my times as an event character. I will also keep my pac models to a minimum and not overdo it by completely change the look of the character that I am roleplaying as.

Why do you want PAC

Since my return to the server I have met alot of wonderful people who use pac for better roleplay experiences both on ship and during events. I would like to join those who use it for a more fun and enjoyable experience and since I am starting to take a more serious role when it comes to doing event character roleplay I believe pac will allow me to enhance those roles for example if I am roleplaying as a big rampaging monster having pac will allow me to make it more realisitic and immersive by adding animations that will make said monster I am rampaging as  well a rampaging monster.:D

Why do you deserve PAC

I think I deserve pac because of how it will improve the way I roleplay my character more and make me take a more serious tone when it comes to events or daily activities on the server also seeing others using it for a more enjoyable experience on the server makes me want to learn more about it and add to those experiences as well by learning even more from more experianced pac users and eventually with enough knowledge allow me to assist those who are getting started using it both on and off the server.

well there you have it folks cheers

renolds :)

Reason for edit

this apllication is old and I felt it deserved an update :)

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Job was changed so updated the name
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Personally I do not know who you are but I am pretty sure you are in IC. You have a good knowledge of PAC which is a good quality to have. You also have a decent playtime with over 1 week which in my opinion is more than enough  for this type of application. 

One negative is that you are not well known throughout the community. Now you may ask why does this matter for a PAC application. Being well known throughout the community establishes trust between the players you connect with, therefore you become a more trustworthy person. This helps a lot when applying for PAC3 as if lots of staff have trust in you, they know that you're  not going to abuse the privilege of PAC3 and will be more inclined to accept you over a person that they don't really know.

Your application is a bit small but that does not concern me too much.


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Although the application is rather short, I have known you for just over one month now, and I can safely say that you would have no malicious intent with PAC3.

Your ideas with PAC are also original, which is nice. 


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