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JT Colonel Hunters PAC3 Application.


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Before i get started i would like to apologise for any grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. I am dyslexic but i am always trying to improve my grammar and spelling 

What is your In-game name:


Steam ID:


Steam link: 



Play time:

1 week 2 days


Have you used PAC Before:

Yes i have used PAC in the past.

To be fair it has been a while but i still know the basics plus its not hard to watch tutorial videos on you tube and learn. I will make sure i know 100% what i am doing before i attempt to do something.


Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

Coming from my old SWRP community where i was a commander i was a little mingy at first but after playing here a while i finally found a regiment that suited me. I can be silly at times but i do not ming. I can be trued with PAC because i will NOT abuse it, And because i only want to use it for RP, I am committed to this amazing community and i want to make myself apart of it. If i where to abuse it i would not argue and or get upset when it is taken away,.

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

Because i want to enhance the RP experience for myself and for others around me. I am not really interested in using it to "Make myself look cool" More so to make myself more lore friendly. With PAC i can have the ability to no longer have my weapons vanish into thin air when i put it away and enhance my pose and or animation(s). Also during RP situations it would be helpful to create a PAC i can load up when a certain situation arise. Doing tryouts? I could make a PAC where i am taking down notes on the people attending tryouts things along those lines. Also as a jump trooper when there is no event on or training there isn't much to do so i was thinking using PAC i could create my own passive rp from time to time, Of course it wouldn't be anything too major where it would just get in peoples way.

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

Because i want to make my RP experience better as stated before i no longer Ming not that i even did much to begin with. I also believe i deserve PAC because i would like to create custom poses that i can share with others on the server. I am currently of the rank of OC in jump troopers. Lore wise jump troopers had a filter attached by pipes on there chest, I would like to attempt to create a PAC i can share with other people in the regiment who also have access to PAC so we look more lore friendly.



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Hi Hunter,

Within the app, the formatting is a bit poor, along with the grammar and a bit of spelling mistakes, (I'm not being disrespectful due to your dyslexia) but all in all, the information is quite excellent. It provides a detailed format to what its supposed to do, and perfectly explains your motive.

Although, I haven't seen you much in game, you do seem like JT will provide a good reason to use PAC3. I would like to see how its used. 

Overall, +1.


Miss Maxine - Head of Education. 

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