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After a good journey in the Imperial Gaming Community, I would like to sincerely say goodbye to all those out there, new or old. I've been with the community for several months now and experienced many great moments while being apart of it. Unfortunately I have just completely lost interest in SWRP and all games to be honest ( maybe not pubg ) and do not really have any passion to continue playing. I do apologise if I have affected you in the past couple weeks due to my inconsiderate behaviour on the server or forums and frankly that was mainly because I was pretty much bored out of my mind, but of course, excuses can not make up for my actions.

Anyways I would like to thank some people who certainly made my time in IG, a whole lot better.

Kendrick - The big OG, really good mate who adopted me and had some great times playing with. GL with the future and your staffing role. and get better at pubg

Fizzy - Pretty much known for my entire time on Imperial Gaming. We've had some good memories going all the way back to when Ridge was DT CMDR, to RG, and so on. (PULL)

Robinson - Good bloke who always carries me in PUBG. I also like how you say -- actually, don't worry about it.

Mauler - I like how u rage when things go wrong in pubg :).

Martibo - Good meme lol and let me in engineers like 3 times, even though i always left the next day :).

Barron - Emperor of the year.

Maxine Walker - Don't really talk with you anymore but you were a big big help to me in the past, helping me get Nova Commander and guiding me when I wanted to apply for moderator (back in the day).

Pablo - 2nd best roleplayer on the server coming right after Pureus. You're doing great with ISB and you certainly make the RP on the ship a whole lot better.

Seven - Another good meme, we've had some memories that were pretty g and yea.

Hermes - Another good bloke who's helped the server and community a lot. We have had some great times and definitely some good wins in PUBG.

Sorry if I forgot to mention you. 

Best Commander:

Achilles - You ran RG extremely well back in the day. You and your members taught me how to duel and made me the dueler I am today. I don't think there was ever a day I didn't enjoy in RG back then.

Best Staff Members:

Pretty much everybody but I'll make some special mentions to

  • Sal
  • Edwards
  • Ridge
  • Little
  • Gamma
  • Mauler
  • Kosmos
  • Pablo
  • Wombat
  • Imposing
  • Culinary Expert Chef
  • Frank
  • Barron
  • Cody
  • Martibo
  • Wolf
  • Fox
  • Gusky

ok thanks everyone. 

btw i will still be on ts here and there and on the forums most likely.






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 Uhhhh :feelsbadman:

Ling Ling you will be missed greatly.

Ever since I met you when you were a 1st LT in Nova and I just became RST CMDR. 

You have always been a friend of mine and will allways be one. At least we will still play PUBG!

Anyways goodluck for the future my dood. 

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