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Off the edge of the central Empire sector there is a moon with a prison that is named Scorch-3.8. 

This prison on the moon is the only form of any life on the western part of the planet.

On this planet the Empires most wanted are kept under tough guard, with prison towers, AA cannons and tough security this is one of the Empires best prisons.

The prisoners entertain them selves by building with scrap that is found from the wreckage of crashed ships from the clone Wars. 

Escape is hard 

Survival is worse


Troopers featured 

Shore, Riot, storm troopers,pilot, storm commandos, sniper scouts and Jump troopers 

Things on the base 

Main headquarters, tie fighter, control tower, AA gun and a main gate.


Please comment if you liked this build 





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Sure thing

We'll the guards were moved there by imperial transport ships but those ships were unable to fly onto the planet because of the magnet asteroid field that would tare through any ship so the sent pods which contained of the parts of the base, but they just needed someone to build it.


The troopers were also in those pods. The only way off the moon is a single tie fighter located next to the control tower 


I hope I answered your wonder 

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