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Ban Appeal Scout Trooper Hungry

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In-game alias:

         PVT 1042 Hungry               

My steamID:


When was the ban:

         03/25/17   17:01:23

Which admin banned me:


Explain the situation: 

         I had a bypasser on from a military server I play on and joined the server while my dinner was ready so I went to eat it and came back banned and notice the bypasser was on.

Why do I deserve a second chance:

Because as much as I know no one hates me on the sever and I try my best to like everyone and I like the server for the rp but not as much as I enjoy the community that plays imperial starwars.  I'll make sure to never to do it again and I seriously never would intend cheat on this imperial starwars.  


         Thanks for the chance to redeem myself. 



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User was caught using an alt account on the server to bypass the ban, this appeal is now denied :D

Also for the people wondering, he meant that he was using a allowcslua bypasser, which is cheating.

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