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Chopper's Introductions

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Hey guys, my name is Chopper! Some of you might already know me for either building a toilet in the bridge,setting fire to the sith's temple or just making weird noises as a local cat :D

I'm currently in the Incinerator Regiment, and been loving it since i've joined. I've been playing Gmod for a couple of years now, seen communties come and go, gamemodes come and go, but what hasn't changed is it's salty anti child community. xD

Currently have wasted about 4000 hours to this game, (jesus christ i need help) I still remember when starwars rp first came out, I was apart of Republic Gaming, The gaming council etc. I've had holes varying from screaming at people for coming near the engine room (Guard) jumping around the ship  as a jedi youngling all the way to a Jedi Master. Leading republic Commando's into battle, and murdering 100 players as Darth Maul on a small ship :D

Engineers and navy has been my personal favorite for me i guess, I just Love the shit out of passive RP and  cause the ship to panic because a sentient leg of ham has escaped into the air ducks.

So I hope you enjoy having me and hopefully in future we can make some good Memories.

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