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T1mmy warn qppeal


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This warn appeal i from anix(he told to me to) cause i got false warned my little but he was not online to anix told me to make a "wwarn appeal" 

In-game alias:T1mmy

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:117734768

When was the Warn:RDM

Which admin Warnned you: Little

Explain the situation:i joined this groupe of guys when i joined thay where acting waird so i acted like i was shilling with them then a guy called curk but in the party chat swam bridge and kill evryone so i soon as i saw it i ran to brig then when i got to brig i herd shooting i came back up thay were al in a sit little froze and one of then said timmy old us to and i was like what no and he just warned me

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