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Multiplayer Support For SWBF2 (Classic, 2005)

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It was just another day for the young man named Stevo. He woke up, threatened to beat up a few peoples nans on Halo, hopped onto his PC and accidentally clicked on Star Wars Battlefront 2. What he didn't realise of course, was that the name of the game had been changed, but what he would learn additionally would change the world forever...


Now despite my shitty intro, multiplayer support is back to SWBF2. At the moment it's pretty shit, very few people can connect to games/can see games to join, and there's no option for multiplayer Galactic Conquest. But it'll probably be better in the next couple of days.

That's pretty much it from me, just thought some of the lads would want to know that we can make games without using fucking Game Ranger.



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