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Hermes Resignation

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Hey all,

I just got back from a 10 day holiday and while I was on holiday I thought long and hard about this decision but I have concluded that this is the right thing to do; so as some of you may know I haven't been that active as an event master in the most recent of times... this is due to the fact that several big IRL issues have been happening in my life. As stated in my TMod Transfer app this has been affecting my mental capability to perform my tasks as an EM to the best extent I can, I have waited in hopes these issues would resolve or I would mentally overcome these but now much has changed so I regrettably have decided to Resign from my role as event master within the Imperial Gaming server community I will still have my Tmod app up in hopes to return to the staffing team under a new and different role with less external mental stresses.


I have enjoyed my time as an event master within the community and have many good memories along with it. Although I didn't perform loads of events in comparison I did do quite a few and will never forget when I did my first event with 68 players on and there was a toxic containment lockdown within the ship which lead to infected lifeforms overrunning the ship and a brave little ST Private decided that if he danced for the lifeforms (NPC's) maybe they'll leave him alone... well lets just say that did not work out that well for him. Hope to see you all around the ship still and I will miss the staff team a lot, keep up the good work i've seen you all do.


Sincerely, Hermes

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Good luck man, it'll be good to see you emerge on the other side of the team as a fellow Moderator. I think you've made the right decision; a hard one but a good one. See you around. :)

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