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Hornet's tier 1 PAC3 Application


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What is my In game name:

Commander Hornet, commander of the Storm trooper corps


my steam ID:



My steam link:



my play time:

3 weeks, 0 day, 1 hours


Have I used PAC3 Before?:

Yes, I've been using pac for a few weeks now, learning how to use it and figuring out how to combine multiple events and other things to create a better character. Other than that, i'm still learning, but it is something i am eager to learn about and am excited by the possibilities that could stem from PAC.


Why should I be trusted with PAC3?:

I've made it to the position of commander, which in itself, displays the fact that i am trusted to take care of, and discipline what can be the most frustrating regiment in existence. Another thing is that I was trusted with the ability to edit and train storm troopers by ISB in security matters when the Storm trooper security force was proposed and put into place. I also have a clean record on the server with no warns.


Why do I want PAC3:

I've been the commander of the Storm troopers for over 6 months. My character has been through a lot, seen a lot, and dealt with a lot of different events and scenarios to the point where i believe he shouldn't just look or act like every other storm trooper with the small exception of an orange mark on his shoulder. I want PAC3 to make my character, Hornet, into something better and more special to my heart by tweaking him and maybe adding new cosmetic items while his journey on the star destroyer continues for who knows how long.


Why do I deserve PAC3?

I command what can be the most retarded, frustrating, irritating, soul crushing, heart breaking, cancer inducing, butt clenching, teeth grinding, fist breaking, mind achingly difficult regiment every day...i think i deserve at least this...please...


PAC Pics
Well, I decided to update my PAC App with some pictures of some quick things i made it single player for you guys to have a look at



This is a Pretty old image of me adding weapons to my character that have the ability to disappear upon pulling them out, don't worry, this is a very old screen shot. My PAC's get better and more unique down the line.



This binocular PAC was made to be bound to my middle mouse button which then toggles my suit zoom key on Gmod. This way, the binoculars mean i am zooming in, and scouting the area infront of me via the suit zoom.



A generic old ID bind. I decided a hologram would be much more appropriate for an ST than a arm mounted screen, which is what i originally had in older versions of these PAC models.



A demonstration of bone merging here. Now you can see the true face of Hornet himself...it also turns out that Hornet is blind...who would've guessed...



Me (attempting) to clean my helmet...the sad truth is, no matter how hard i scrub, the dirt marks simply never go away...i am stuck eternally with dirty armour...



Me deep in thought, considering information just witnessed at a CMDR's meeting, or other meeting...maybe it was a deathsticks ISB meeting, i don't know...



Please help, I've been shot in the gut.

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16 hours ago, addamcor said:

command what can be the most retarded, frustrating, irritating, soul crushing, heart breaking, cancer inducing, butt clenching, teeth grinding, fist breaking, mind achingly difficult regiment every day...i think i deserve at least this


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In Game

You have been apart of ST's and the community for ages. 

I don't think I have to say anything else. You've already proven yourself

The App

The app details your very experience, drawing us in to the life of an ST commander. An interesting take at an application and I like it

Although A bit short, I believe it details your intentions very clearly

Overall I think you deserve this. Enough said really

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Quick little bump after i disappeared for 3 weeks and this was forgotten.

Why did i disappear?

1. I was moving house, i was too busy moving boxes and packing stuff that i couldn't come onto the server

2. No internet, upon arriving at the new house, we had to wait for our ISP to actually do their job and provide us internet.

3. My dog ran into my room, dropped their ball behind the computer, and proceeded to stick their head into the wires, get tangled, and break my headset cord, and keyboard cord. Everything else was saved thankfully. However, i then had to wait for the owner of a tech shop to come back from holiday, order spare parts and repair everything.

Hope you guys understand

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Positive Support

Hornet has been one of the greatest and longest lasting members of the Stormtrooper Corp, he's taken his roleplay and commanding position seriously. He'd probably be challenging Zach as one of the greatest Stormtrooper Commanders. 

  • Long lasting member of the community
  • Application could use more detail
  • Fantastic roleplay
  • Respectful and outgoing
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