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Movie Night (Hosted by ISB)


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So ISB held a movie night and it was great, We watched "Monty Python and the holy grail".
So many players showed up and it was really good to see so much people complying with the rules that we set.
Here are some photos that I managed to get and I'm sure others captured there own aswell.
At the start it was pretty popular but then it slowly died down abit and even the Emperor himself showed up for the movie :)
Look at the Emperor in the back

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Was an amazing night, was a really cool way to experience Monty Python. Despite us all being located around the country (perhaps internationally), we all sat down in the same cinema and watched the same classic music! Can't wait for next week with "The Life of Brian", this needs to become a regular thing. :D 

I gotta say though, being hit up on by an RST Trainee for the entire movie wasn't the most comfortable way to enjoy it. At least I had the Death Troopers on my side. :) 



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