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Ban Appeal

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In-game alias: Morty

Your SteamID: 76561198128983371

When was the ban: 09/29/17

How long is the ban: 3 days

Which admin banned you: Darth Vader (little)

Explain the situation: It was an event on ship and i was shooting at the rebels, i then died and got trapped in spawn by a couple of afk storm troopers and after asking 3-4 times no one responded. So i killed them to get out. And after i did that i was teleported to Darth Vader and i tried to explain myself but he was not responding. I also tried to ask what i did but he still didnt respond. I understand that Darth Vader could have been stressed out by the fight between ISB and HMC.

Why you deserve a second chance: I enjoy the server and wouldnt think of doing those things purposely. But i hope i can have a second chance.

Sincerely Morty


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2 hours ago, Morty said:

Yes i have minged before about 2 months ago since then i havent. And since then i was in a regimen... (I got demoted because i was not active enough as i had to get my computer fixed) 

I saw you about 3 days ago at engine room, where rick rdm'ed

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