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Sebastien Trial Moderator Application

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9 minutes ago, Maffa146 said:

Hi Sebastien,

I can't begin to say how bad this App is. I am sorry, but its so awful. Your intention and idea is clear, but how you express that is very poor. Any word created by the languages across the span of history, can't explain how bad this is. 

1. "If I get this role I believe I will gain a better image and I will make a huge effort to stop minging COMPLETELY!". What you are saying is, that if you DON'T get it, you will continue to be a minge. 

2. "I feel my mingey habits are caused by boredom and lack of change so I feel this will solve it." You just stated that you are bored of the server, and the only way to retain your interest is to be Imperial Staff.

3. "Lastly I will be, be suggesting thing to help improve the server which I have already done successfully." It doesn't make sense.

Finally yourself in game. I have had multiple reports that you are being disrespectful to other troopers, within 3 days, 3 different people have seen me about you. Telling me about you being rude.


Miss Maxine.

This explains it all. -1

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